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Surf Foil Package - Board, mast & wing

$ 2,445.00
Surf Foil Package - Board, mast & wing

Surf Foil Package - Board, mast & wing

$ 2,445.00

This is a limited edition complete foil setup available with the following options:

- 5'0 orange board,  28'' mast and 170 fish wing (recommended for pro's looking for max agility). Our 5'0 surfboard is perfect if you’re looking for more agility and tighter turns with your foil.  This board also has ample volume for paddling, even with its small size.

- 5'10 white board, 28' mast and 200 glide wing (recommended if you're new to foiling and want a board that's ideal for multiple seasons of getting good at the sport). Our 5'10 board is perfect If you’re getting into surf foiling, with great stability and ample volume for paddling.

These boards are shaped by Sean Ordonez in a limited edition collaboration with Lift Foils. These boards are only available in the color of their size (orange for 5'0, white for 5'10)

About the Wings

170 Fish -  Its added thickness and camber increases Lift at lower speeds and has wing tips that arc further down, which in combination with a smaller back wing, offers maneuverability and sharper turns. Its thinner “fishlike” fuselage allows flexibility in the back wing for added propulsion when pumping.

200 Glide - Our 200 wing maximizes lift and stability at lower speeds, making this wing very forgiving and ideal for connecting waves or pumping back out. Its streamlined profile allows a rider to reach higher speeds when needed.


The board comes with all necessary hardware.

Like all Lift Foil limited collaborations, our product sells out! Get yours while it lasts.

*Price includes shipping to the US. Please contact us for an international shipping quote.