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Welcome to Lift

"Lift is a premium hydrofoil brand, and a dedicated innovator in both performance and technology. We build products that provide truly incredible experiences on the water.”

Lift Foils began in a garage in Puerto Rico ten years ago, as a few passionate surfers obsessed about the potential of hydrofoils to create new experiences in the water.  Over the years we expanded into one of the premium hydrofoil producers around the globe, building production and custom foils, wings and boards for discerning customers who wanted the best out of their kit. 

Then a few years ago, our experimentation led us to our newest expansion, and we concepted the eFoil. With advances in lithium battery technology and wireless communication, and the desire of our customers to always experience something new and exciting, we saw an opportunity to create a new best-in-class product and water sports category.   The eFoil is a mix of all the sports experiences we’ve grown to truly love over the years: surfing, flying and deep powder snowboarding. A powerful, silent electric motor, a state-of-the-art battery and our high performance boards, foils and wings combine together to allow riders of all kinds to fly above any body of water at speeds up to 40km/h.  The feeling the eFoil evokes when you ride it holds a category of its own, and once we had our first working prototype we set out on a mission to bring it to the world.

Our team is comprised of top shapers and engineers from around the globe, with background ranging from former surf professionals to plastics manufacturing experts. We grew up in the ocean and have explored the thrills the world of water and action sports has to offer. Adventure is what we do and sharing it with our family and friends is what makes it great.  As our team has grown we’ve always focused on two core things; making everyone, including our customers, feel like family, and treating our product development and creation with the highest standards to ensure the best experience on the water.

As we finalize production and get ready to ship our first units this summer, we recognize the journey we’ve taken to come here, but know that this category is just beginning, and wake up every day excited to do our part to help foiling continue to take off.